Ágil Rent a Car in Recife, PE, Brazil

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About the Ágil Rent a Car

A Ágil Locadora de Veículos é uma empresa 100% Pernambucana, atuando no ramo de locação de veículos, terceirização de frota além de contratos referentes a diária e mensalidade.

Possuindo assim a oportunidade de ser atendido por uma empresa inovadora e comprometida com a sua total satisfação possuindo funcionários capacitados à atende-lo com total experiência de mais de 5 anos no mercado.

Com uma localização privilegiada e uma equipe comprometida, garantimos o transporte eficiente e tranqüilo nos seus negócios e/ou lazer. Além de dispormos de uma frota revisada e atualizada constantemente e um atendimento personalizado 24h que garante segurança comodidade e tranqüilidade na locação do seu veículo.

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Car Hire Requirements

  • Minimum Age

    In Brazil, the minimum age required to hire a vehicle is 21.

  • Driving Licence

    Each driver must present a full, valid and original national driving licence held for a minimum of 2 years. If your licence is not in a language used in your destination country, an International Driving Permit to accompany your national driving licence is highly recommended.

  • Photo ID and Passport

    Each driver must present a valid and original photo ID or passport.

  • Credit Card

    You must present a valid and personal credit card issued by a banking institution and with enough funds to be held as a security deposit. Third-party credit cards or cards not associated with banking institutions will not be accepted. The car hire company is solely responsible for approving the provided credit card. Online prepayment does not exempt the renter from providing a valid international credit card during vehicle pick-up. The hire company will place a hold on the amount of the security deposit and, when applicable, any additional local fees not covered in the prepaid voucher on the card provided at the hire location.

  • Booking Voucher

    The renter must present a printout of the Booking Confirmation Voucher at the hire location. This document officially confirms all agreed upon services, payment conditions, rates, discounts, as well as vehicle availability within the selected group.

  • Important Information

    Car hire companies reserve the right to refuse service to underage or unlicensed drivers, those with poor credit history or individuals otherwise considered liabilities by the hire company.

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    Car Categories

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    Car hire companies do not guarantee a specific vehicle make, model, colour or configuration. You must choose an available vehicle from within the selected group upon signing the hire agreement. Vehicle features may vary among cars of the same group and among different hire locations. Images are meant for illustrative purposes only.
    Vehicle’s luggage capacity may be reduced depending on the number of passengers.

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