Términos y condiciones

Rentcars (Rentcars BV, a Dutch privately held company enrolled under the Tax ID No. 859404900, headquartered at Schiphol Boulevard 347, 1118BJ, Schiphol, Netherlands) is currently the largest car rental portal in Latin America. We are an Online Travel Agency whose platform allows you to compare and book vehicles with more than 100 car rental companies in more than 160 countries around the world, in accordance with your personal needs.

We act as an intermediary in the booking of the vehicles´ bookings made available to you by the car rental companies (hereinafter also referred to as Provider), through our platform.

We are not the final provider of this service and therefore, we are not bound, directly or indirectly, to respond for any failure or damages caused by the car rental companies.

By completing a booking with Rentcars through our platform, you are automatically accepting these Terms and Conditions ("Term"), as well as our Privacy Policy, which represent the agreement we have with you, our Customer (hereinafter also referred to as renter).

As we only act as intermediaries in the commercialization of the car rental services offered by the Provider, the items detailed below only relates with the issues between Rentcars and you.

As a reference, we bring some information that can guide you regarding the rules and obligations that are usually required by the Providers, but you should be aware of the terms and conditions imposed by it, as well as the conditions of the country in which you are making your reservation.

Specific restrictions and/or inclusions may be applied by the car rental company that are not covered by the examples listed below. Always review the specific conditions of each service and Provider you are about to hire.

As mere intermediary in the commercialization of car rental bookings, Rentcars doesn´t have any influence or interference on the specific conditions established by each Provider, and therefore shall not be held liable, neither directly, nor indirectly, for the damages or losses that might arise from it.

As we are constantly improving our intermediary and payment collecting services, we update our Terms frequently, either by restricting our services or by adding new security measures for its use, without the need for prior notice. so please come back on this page whenever possible to keep track of our updates

We also reserve the right to suspend our system for repair, safety or maintenance. But do not worry, we assure you that the reservations you have made in our system will be fulfilled.

If you have any questions and need our help, take a look and see if we haven't already clarified this in our FAQ, or contact us by phone and WhatsApp.

Voucher, Requirements, Changes, Delays, Cancellations, Turn-Down and No-Show
  • 1. Voucher
    • 1.1 The Voucher (Booking Confirmation Document) is the confirmation of your booking with us and with the rental company. It is individual and non-transferable and should be in the name of whoever uses the vehicle: the renter. As soon as you confirm your reservation in our platform (or channels), we will send the Voucher to your email (the one you´ve registered in our system).
    • 1.2 The Voucher shall be printed, handled to the Provider, and will only be valid if all the data contained therein (such as name of the renter, confirmation number, dates, times and places of pick-up and return of the vehicle, among others) are effectively proven at the moment of the car pick-up, at the Provider's counter.
      • 1.2.1 The non-presentation of the Voucher to the Provider, or the finding of divergences between the information contained therein and that presented at the time of the car pick up may cancel your reservation and consequently make it impossible for you to use the vehicle, setting called a Turn-down, and subject to the fees and charges inherent to it (explained in item 6).
    • 1.3 It is your responsibility to enter the data correctly, revise them and comply with all the requirements listed below to avoid a possible denial of the Provider at the opening of your rental agreement.
  • 2. Rules for Rental of Vehicles
    • 2.1 There are some rules issued by the rental companies (Provider) so that you can pick up and use the vehicle. Additional drivers included in the reservation will be subject to the same rules. We´ve listed below some requirements, as well as some restrictions applied by the Providers. This list is not exhaustive and may vary according to the Provider and according to each country, so be aware of the particularities of your reservation and the chosen destination.
    • 2.2 The failure to comply with these rules, its wrong compliance, the lack of presentation of the items and documents requested, or the lack of necessary information on your part that may make the picking up of the vehicle unfeasible due to a denial of the Provider is your sole responsibility.
      • 2.2.1 Rentcars is an intermediary and a payment collector of the car rental services that takes place between you and the rental company. Thus, we cannot be held liable at any time for any situations or damages that have not occurred due to our exclusive mistake.
    • 2.3 What can we do - and we do it very gladly! - is to offer and dispose of an entire team, always ready and prepared to help you, clarifying your doubts, and providing you with relevant information. Count on us for this.
    • 2.4 For rentals of vehicles used within the Brazilian territory, the following requirements shall be observed:
      • (i) Minimum Renter/Driver Age: 21 It is possible that drivers under the age of 21 (but with a definitive driver's license) as well as drivers over the age of 70 are subject to additional fees from the rental companies. However, for certain categories of vehicles, there may be specific and more restrictive rules in this regard. If you inform yourself about this possibility, or you will run the risk of having your reservation denied at the time of the picking up of the vehicle.
      • (ii) You must present your International Driver's License, Driver's License of your country of nationality, and your original passport issued by your country of origin, valid for the entire period of your reservation.
      • (iii) Signing of the rental agreement with the rental company. Brazilian rental companies offer their contracts in Portuguese. If you are a foreigner, ask if there is any version in your language.
      • (iv) Credit card with security deposit limit. This point is more detailed in the Security Deposit Amount (Credit Hold) in item 10 of this Term.
    • 2.5 For rentals of vehicles used worldwide, the following requirements must be observed:
      • (i) Minimum Renter/Driver Age: 25 It is possible that drivers under the age of 25 (but with a definitive driver's license) as well as drivers over the age of 70 are subject to additional fees from the rental companies. However, for certain categories of vehicles, there may be specific and more restrictive rules in this regard. You should inform yourself about this possibility, or you will risk of having your reservation denied at the time of the picking up of the vehicle.
      • (ii) You must present the original document of your international driver's license together with the driver's license of the country of your nationality.
      • (iii) Regardless of your nationality, many countries require the submission of your original passport, issued by your country of origin, and valid for the entire period of your reservation. Always have it in hand.
      • (iv) International Driving Permit ("PID"). Almost all international rental companies require the presentation of the PID. We suggest that in all cases of international rental, the PID should be provided and presented at the time of the picking-up (mainly in Italy and in destinations where the alphabet is different from the Roman one (eg: Greece, the Czech Republic, the Middle East, among others). Not providing the PID will be an exclusive option of the client and Rentcars is not responsible if the rental company does not allow the taking of the vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact the Reservations Center.
      • (iii) Signing of the rental agreement with the rental company. The car rental contract abroad may be in a language other than your mother language. Make sure that you understand the content of the contract, as the claim of lack of knowledge of the terms will not invalidate the contracts made at the counter of the rental company.
      • (iv) Credit card with security deposit limit. This point is more detailed in the Security Deposit Amount (Credit Hold) in item 10 of this Term.
    • 2.6. It is strictly forbidden to drive under the influence of any substances that could compromise your psychomotor abilities. The rental companies may refuse to conclude with the process of renting the vehicle if they observe that the speaker is not in condition to drive.
      • 2.6.1 This may occur either because you appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that impair your psychomotor ability, or because you appear to be psychologically or physically incapacitated to drive the vehicle (adopting aggressive and/or harmful behavior).
    • 2.7 It is possible that the rental company will refuse to complete the rental process with you because it believes there is a risk in proceeding with your reservation.
      • 2.7.1 This may be due to the existence of restrictions on your name with the credit protection agencies, the existence of traffic tickets on your behalf with Government Agencies, for criminal records, or any other factors considered risky.
      • 2.7.2 This consultation is carried out exclusively by the rental company on the day of picking up of the vehicle, and Rentcars cannot be held liable in case of a possible Turn-down or No-show configuration (provided in item 6 of this Term).
  • 3. Alteration of Confirmed Reservations
    • 3.1 As soon as you confirm your reservation with Rentcars, we will send you the Voucher and the present Terms (already accepted by you in our channels) so you can check all the information in it.
    • 3.2 Occasionally, changes to your reservation may be necessary, either by us or by the car rental company (Provider). In such cases, we will notify you as soon as possible.
    • 3.3 With Rentcars
      • 3.3.1 If you wish to alter your reservation (before the pick-up time) please contact us through any of our channels that we will gladly assist you with this. Reservation changes are subject to a new analysis
    • 3.4. With the Car Rental Company (Provider)
      • 3.4.1 If you wish to alter your reservation at the pick-up time, at the Provider´s counter, occasional extras will be charged directly by the Provider, as explained in item 9 of this Term. The amounts charged at the service desk may be higher than those previously hired or offered by Rentcars when you booked your vehicle reservation.
      • 3.4.2 Review the rental option's conditions at the time of your hire at the counter. If you disagree with something, inform the Provider at the time of signing the rental agreement.
      • 3.4.3 Rentcars cannot be held liable for optional contracting made directly by you at the counter of the rental company, nor for any extra charges made by the rental company in this regard.
    • 3.5 By Duplicity
      • 3.5.1 Some clients make, in their own name, more than one reservation for the same period, which we call double booking. It is possible that the rental company, when encountering more than one rental contract in the name of the same renter and for the same period, will cancel one of the rentals automatically, without prior notice, because it believes they were the result of a misunderstanding on the part of the renter (or even some kind of fraud or system error).
      • 3.5.2 Therefore, if you need to make more than one reservation on behalf of the same person, please contact us through our channels, so that we can help you. Rentcars cannot be held responsible for automatic cancellations by the rental company.
  • 4. Vehicle Pick-Up Delays
    • 4.1 The period of your rental starts as selected by you at the time of filling out your reservation with us.
    • 4.2 If the vehicle is withdrawn after the date or time foreseen for the beginning of your reservation and/or returnedbefore the period for which it is due, depending on the rental company, we will not be able to reimburse you.
    • 4.3 Some rental companies have a maximum tolerance of 29 (twenty-nine) minutes after the time provided in your Voucher for picking up your vehicle - or up to the time limit of the vehicle pick up location. However, others Providers do not, and will cancel your rental and automatically set your delay as a no-show, subject to the respective fees and charges, as provided in item 6 of this Term.
    • 4.4 Whatever the reason or nature of your delay (aerial, flight replacement due to overbooking, etc.) it is imperative that you notify the car rental company location as soon as you are aware of the possible delay. If you have any difficulty, we are here to assist you. Please contact us immediately so that we can inform the Provider´s store location and try to avoid the automatic cancelation of your reservation.
    • 4.5 Rentcars cannot be held responsible for any changes, delays or early returns on your part.
  • 5. Cancellation of already Confirmed Reservations
    • 5.1 If you can't use your reservation at the confirmed date and time, you must request the cancellation of your reservation with us at least 48 (forty-eight) hours in advance of the scheduled pick-up time of the car.
      • 5.1.1 If this minimum period is not respected (that is, the cancellation occurs within less than 48 hours from the picking up period of the vehicle) it will be configured as a no-show, and subject to the respective fees and charges, provided in item 6 of this Term.
    • 5.2 Rentcars will charge a cancellation fee equivalent to 5% of the total pre-paid amount of your reservation.
      • 5.2.1 If your booking is with Sixt, the cancellation fee will be 20% of the total amount of your booking.
      • 5.2.2 If your booking is with Europcar, the cancellation fee will be € 50 (fifty Euro) of the total amount of your booking.
    • 5.3 Reimbursement of the remaining amount (after due fees) will be as detailed in item 8 of this Term.
    • 5.4 After the cancellation is requested, the reservation can no longer be reactivated or used.
  • 6. Turn-Down and No-Show
    • 6.1 Turn-Down occurs when you do not comply with the requirements for the effective picking up of the vehicle from the car rental company. In these situations, the vehicle will not be available to you and your reservation will be considered void.
      • 6.1.1 The Turn-Down can happen for several reasons (some of them brought non-extensively in item 2 of this Term). It is important to know what conditions are required by the Provider as well as the ones required by the countries of destination.
    • 6.2 No-Show occurs when you do not show up at the Provider´s desk at the scheduled time and date (nor cancel it within the time-limit).
    • 6.3 In the occurrence of either a turn-down or a no-show, Rentcars will charge the full amount of one daily rate (considering the full rate of the daily rate as the prepaid rate plus any amounts due at destination, which complement it). For bookings of only one daily rate, the retention of the total price will occur in full.
    • 6.4 In addition to the turn-down or no-show fee charged by Rentcars, some Car Rental Companies also charge their own turn-down and no-show fees.
      • 6.4.1 If your booking is with Sixt, the no-show fee will be the full amount prepaid on your reservation
      • 6.4.2 If your booking is with Avis or Budget, the no-show fee will be the full amount prepaid on your reservation.
      • 6.4.3 If your booking is with Europcar, the no-show fee will be € 95 (ninety-five Euro) of the total amount of your booking.
Pre-Payment and Refunds
  • 7. Pre-Payment
    • 7.1 Pre-payment (or online previous payment) occurs when while you are booking your reservation, you already choose to pay online directly to Rentcars in advance.
    • 7.2 In this modality, you can choose to pay using the various payment methods that we offer at Rentcars, including installments, when available in your country. Please note that interest may accrue on installments.
    • 7.3 Also, only pre-paying through Rentcars channels we can guarantee you the fixed amount in your local currency, regardless of your destination.
      • 7.3.1 In the event that there are fees and/or options hired/purchased at the Provider´s desk, such amounts must be paid by you directly to the Provider, as explained in item 9 of this Term.
  • 8. Reimbursements and Refunds
    • 8.1 Rentcars may only refund you when the payment for your booking reservation has been made directly to us through our sales channels, as per item 7 above.
    • 8.2 The refund deadline for reservations canceled within the deadline (item 5 of this Term - respecting the minimum period of 48 hours prior to the picking up of the vehicle) will be up to 20 days from your refund request on our service channels.
    • 8.3 For requests of booking´s refunds that resulted in turn-down or no-show (item 6 of this Term), the deadline of up to 20 days for payment will start only after confirmation by the Provider that there was no actual use of the vehicle.
    • 8.4 Prepayments made via credit card will be refunded to the next card statement. Prepayments made via bank slip or debit will be refunded to the reservation holder's bank account.
    • 8.5 If you've made a payment challenge or chargeback with your bank and /or credit card brand, Rentcars will not be able to process your refund because this money has already been cancelled by the administrator of the card. This may also prevent you from making any new reservations or bookings on our channels. Whenever you need to resolve a situation, please contact us first.
    • 8.6 After a period of one year from the date of the cancellation request or the date of the turn-down or no-show, you will no longer be entitled to a refund from Rentcars, and any payment to that effect will be discretionary.
Payment at the Destination, Security Deposit Amount (and Credit Card requirements), Extra Expenses, One Way Fee, Fuel, Infractions, Refunds due by the Provider
  • 9. Payment at destination
    • 9.1 Payment at the destination, you make the reservation on our channels and select the option of total payment directly at the counter of the rental company, and in the local currency of the destination.
      • 9.1.1 In this mode, you are subject to the forms of payment accepted by the chosen destination company.
      • 9.1.2 In the case of international destinations, remember that Car Rental Companies might not have the facility of installments´ payments. In most cases the payment will be made in the full amount in local currency, most likely via your international credit card.
  • 10. Security Deposit Amount (Credit Hold)
    • 10.1 The Car Rental Companies request a security deposit amount, which will be blocked on your credit card on the day of the picking up of your vehicle. This amount may vary according to the Provider, the group of the rented vehicle, the total period of your reservation, among others. Furthermore, it is possible that the car rental companies request the presentation of more than one credit card with available limit and/or specific brand in order to allow the pick-up of certain categories of vehicles. As these requirements may vary by rental company, category and location, always consult with the rental company to find out exactly how much deposit you need for your reservation.
      • 10.1.1 You must carry and present to the Provider a valid credit card, with your name and the bank link duly informed in it, and enough limit available for credit hold. Also, your credit card must be valid for international usage.
    • 10.2 The approval of this credit card is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the car rental company.
    • 10.3 The reserved amount, retained by the Provider might be used in case of damages in the rental vehicle, extra expenses or to pay for optional services contracted by you directly at the Provider counter.
    • 10.4 At the time of the vehicle drop-off/return, the car rental company must request the card administrator to unblock this amount.
      • 10.4.1 The deadline for the amount unblocking will depend on the administrator of your credit card, which may take up to 30 (thirty) days. If after this period the amount is still blocked, you should contact the pick-up location of the vehicle and/or your bank.
    • 10.5 Rentcars has no interference in the process of blocking the security deposit, nor any access to the information with the administrator of your card in this regard. Unfortunately, we can only assist you by intermediating your contact with the Provider, and Rentcars has no obligation or liability on that matter.
  • 11. Extra Expenses
    • 11.1 It's possible that the Car Rental Company charges you some extra expenses (not described in our Voucher) on your credit card, either withholding the security deposit (mentioned in item 10 above) or requesting its payment at the time of the drop-off/return of the vehicle.
      • 11.1.1 Some examples of extra expenses are: traffic fines, damages or malfunctions caused to the rented vehicle and without coverage, cleaning fee, fuel, toll, optional protections, services and accessories contracted by you directly with the rental company, among others.
    • 11.2 Rentcars shall not be liable for any acts incurred by you that may generate any extra charges from the rental company.
  • 12. Rate of Return or One Way
    • 12.1 Some Car Rental Companies offer the possibility of returning the vehicle to a different location from its pickup. Check in advance with the Provider which locations have this option, as well as the fee they charged for this. This fee will be paid by you directly to the Car Rental Company, pursuant to item 9 of this Term.
      • 12.1.1 Please ensure that this has been agreed upon by you at the time of signing the rental agreement so that the return of the vehicle to a store other than the supposedly defined one does not constitute a “breach of contract” and incur further charges from the rental company.
  • 13. Fuel and Re-fueling
    • 13.1 If the refueling exemption has not been contracted by you (either when booking with us, flagged on the voucher or requested at the rental counter), you must return the vehicle with the fuel tank in the same condition as it was delivered to you (usually full).
    • 13.2 In the event of non-refueling, the rental company may charge proportionally based on its own price list (which may be higher than the destination gas stations). We advise you to request and keep the proof of supply immediately before the delivery of the vehicle, to facilitate your defense in case of any unreasonable charge by the Provider.
  • 14. Infractions
    • 14.1 Crossing borders between states or countries may be prohibited by some Car Rental Companies depending on the locality or may result in additional fees that may be deducted from your security deposit or charged later by the Car Rental Company, pursuant to item 9 of this Term. Confirm your itinerary with the Provider in advance and what fees may be charged in such cases.
    • 14.2 In case of traffic violations, the payment and the civil and criminal liability related to the fines will be exclusively yours towards the traffic agency of the destinated country in which the traffic violation occurred. The Car Rental Company may reserve the right to intermediate and/or advance the referred payments, and then collect them directly from you, together with its own administrative fees.
    • 14.3 Smoking is prohibited inside vehicles. The fines applied vary from store to store and can be confirmed at its service desk. You will be charged exclusively by the Provider, pursuant to item 9 of this Term.
  • 15. Refunds Due by the Provider
    • 15.1 Refunds that may be due to you by the Car Rental Company shall be dealt with directly by the Provider, and Rentcars has no responsibility in this regard.
Category, Unavailability and Survey
  • 16. Vehicle Group
    • 16.1 The vehicles provided by the Car Rental Companies are reserved according to their category, and there are no warranties regarding the brand, year, model, color, license plate or other configurations.
    • 16.2 It is common for the Provider, at the time of vehicle pick-up, to offer a category upgrade at an additional cost to be paid by you directly to the Provider in accordance with item 9 of this Term.
    • 16.3 Luggage/Baggage capacity is for guidance only and may be reduced or non-existent according to the balance between the number of occupants of the vehicle and the luggage to be carried.
      • 16.3.1 Rentcars will not be liable for non-fulfillment of the reservation or additional charge for category change in cases where the amount of passengers and / or luggage exceeds the capacity of the booked vehicle.
  • 17. Vehicle Unavailability
    • 17.1 As Rentcars has no influence on the availability of vehicles offered by the Car Rental Company, we cannot be held responsible for any breach of their obligations. Please let us know of any difficulties in opening the rental agreement or removing the vehicle so we can assist you.
  • 18. Vehicle inspection
    • 18.1 When picking-up the vehicle, check its documentation as well as safety accessories: spare tire, car jack, wheel wrench, warning triangle and fuel tank level.
    • 18.2 Both when picking up or when dropping off the vehicle, if possible, we strongly suggest you accompany the inspection of the car. Check, point and list in the checklist the conditions of cleanliness, hygiene, conservation, damage and/or damage existing in the rented vehicle. The Provider may charge you for the repair of damage caused by you during the period of your rental of the vehicle, as well as the cleaning and sanitation fee based on its own table of values, and other administrative fees incurred for any damage and / or damage observed.
    • 18.3 Rentcars has no interference with the verification and recovery of damages and / or malfunctions or any access to the information in this regard from the Car Rental Company. Unfortunately, we can only assist you by intermediating your contact with the Provider in these cases, not incurring any obligation or liability on our part.
Accidents, Protections
  • 19. Traffic Accidents
    • 19.1 In the event of an accident, theft or damage to the rented vehicle, it is imperative that the renter immediately inform the rental company to receive information on how to proceed. It is usually necessary to carry out the Police Report in the country where the event occurred, as well as fill out the accident report form with the rental company within a maximum of 24 hours.
    • 19.2 Regardless of whether the accident is to be blamed on you or a third party, it is clear that any damage and / or damage to your vehicle (or your deductible) will be charged to you.
  • 20. Protections
    • 20.1 We always include mandatory protection on bookings you make with us. Thus, you will always have Risk Coverage and Mandatory Protection included. For this you will be subject to the terms of the rental agreement of the rental company. As a general rule, the cover excludes, but is not limited to, the following: accessories, damaged tire, damaged wheel, suspension damaged due to potholes or guides, windshield latches, flood damage or any other nature phenomenon, loss or damage to the vehicle key and / or documentation. Such items may vary between rental companies and must be confirmed upon pickup. Carefully check the protection and coverage details available on your reservation.
    • 20.2 If you are interested in hiring available protections, or in disagreement with the conditions, please contact us to help you.
    • 20.3 Rentcars is not responsible for the loss of vehicle protection due to its being driven by unauthorized persons, under the influence of alcohol / drugs or in violation of current traffic laws.
    • 20.4 Co-participation and/or deductible amounts: when applied, the amounts and rates of co-participation and/or deductible will be determined in a lease agreement and, in case of malfunctions or damages caused to the vehicle, the collection will be made directly by the rental company to the renter. In addition to such costs, the rental company may also charge for the period in which the vehicle was idle for maintenance. Verify such charges at the time of the opening of the rental agreement.
  • 21. Force Majeure
    • 21.1 Rentcars is not responsible for any loss, damage, alteration, cancellation and delay due to force majeure including airlines, civil conflicts, natural disasters and others.