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Car Rental Requirements
  • What´s required when renting a car?

    Renting a car is an excellent way to explore new places with freedom and comfort. However, before you grab the keys and hit the road, it's crucial to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements. Here's what you need to know:

    1- Pay Attention to the Minimum Age 

    The minimum age for renting a car abroad is 25 years old. However, some rental companies accept drivers under 25 with an additional fee option.

    2 - Carry the Necessary Documents 

    You will need the following documents:

    • Passport from your home country;

    • Valid driver's license issued more than 2 years ago, which must be physical and of the same nationality as your passport or identification document (for rentals in your home country);

    • International Driving Permit (IDP), mandatory in some countries.

    3 - Credit Card

    You must have a physical credit card with the following conditions:

    • In your name;

    • Approved for international transactions (for rentals outside your home country);

    • Valid within the rental period;

    • Issued by a physical banking institution;

    • With an available limit for a security deposit.

    Important: Familiarize yourself with the rental companies' policies.

    Some rental companies have their own criteria and may request additional information. Be sure to pay attention to the specific requirements of the rental company you intend to use, as policies can vary between companies.

    Read more on this topic in the article "The rental company requested more information to confirm my reservation. Why?".

  • Requirements for Renting a Car in Brazil

    To rent a car in Brazil, it is essential to meet specific requirements, which vary according to the nationality of the renter. These criteria concern documentation, age, and characteristics of the renter's credit card.

    1 - Minimum age of 25 years old. Some rental companies accept drivers under 25 years old under the Young Renter category.

    2 - Pay attention to the documentation:

    • Valid driver's license issued more than 2 years ago;

    • Passport of the same nationality as the driver's license.

    3 - Physical credit card meeting the following conditions:

    • Under the renter's name;

    • Authorized for international transactions;

    • Within the expiration date;

    • Issued by a physical banking institution;

    • With an available limit for security deposit hold.


    The approval of the credit card is entirely the responsibility of the rental company;

    Additionally, some rental companies have their own policies regarding the criteria and may require additional information. But don't worry! If that's the case, you will be notified in advance.

  • Is the presentation of a credit card mandatory?

    Yes! It is necessary to present a physical credit card that meets the required criteria:

    • Owns the card;
    • Unblocked for international purchases;
    • Within the valid period;
    • Issued by a financial institution;
    • Has an available limit for the security deposit hold.

    Pay attention to these points:

    • Remember: the card must be physical, containing your numbers. Rental agencies do not accept digital or prepaid cards.
  • Which documents will be required of me when picking up my vehicle?

    A valid driver’s license held for at least 2 years.
    A valid passport.
    A valid credit card, issued under your name, with sufficient funds for a credit hold (safety deposit).

  • What is an International Driving Permit (IDP)? Is it required to rent a car abroad?

    The International Driving Permit (IDP) is an international driver's license that contains all the information from your regular driver's license, translated into 8 languages, allowing you to drive with ease abroad. The languages included are:

    English | Spanish | Portuguese | Chinese | Arabic | Russian | German | French*

    *Information in French is provided on the last two pages of the document.

    With this document, you have the right to drive in more than 100 countries. It's important to note that the requirement to present the IDP may vary from place to place. In some destinations, such as Europe and Asia, having this document is mandatory.


    • Don't forget to have your physical driver's license with you. The International Driving Permit is a supplement and does not replace the importance of having your original driver's license always on hand;

    • To obtain the document, it's necessary to follow the procedures established by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can apply online through the official website of the DMV in your city;

    • For more information on the subject, you can visit the following link: https://internationaldrivingpermit.org/

About Car Rental Insurance
  • How do the protections work?

    When it comes to renting a vehicle, rental companies offer a range of protections to ensure your peace of mind in all situations. 

    These protections cover everything from the vehicle to your safety and that of third parties in case of incidents. Detailed information about the protections you choose will be available on your reservation voucher. Here are the main options available:

    LDW (Loss Damage Waiver): This protection covers the vehicle against theft, robbery, damages, and breakages resulting from collisions and accidents;

    CDW (Collision Damage Waiver): Provides coverage for the vehicle in situations of damages and breakages caused by collisions or accidents;

    ALI (Additional Liability Insurance): Protects against material and personal damages caused to third parties due to accidents with the rented vehicle;

    PAI (Personal Accident Insurance): This protection is aimed at the occupants of the rented vehicle, covering medical expenses and possible rescues in case of collisions.

    The names and acronyms of these protections may vary from one rental company to another. Some examples include EP (Extended Protection), LP (Liability Protection), SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance), and TPL (Third Part Liability).

    What should I do in case of an incident?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Open a Police Report;

    2. Contact the rental company and follow their instructions;

    3. Trust the rental company's assistance to obtain the necessary support during the process.

    Remember: In some cases, protections may not cover the accident if it is reported after 24 hours. Additionally, reckless driving and speeding are not covered by any protection.

    Additional Information

    • You can purchase additional protections on the Rentcars website or directly at the rental counter, according to your preference. Mandatory protections are already included in your reservation;

    • In international travels, be aware that different destinations may require specific protections. For example, in Mexico, the mandatory protection is only against third parties;

    •  If you want more protections and ensure a safe trip, check out our article on RentalCover!

  • What does 'coparticipation' or 'deductible' mean in car rentals?

    During the process of booking a vehicle, you may come across the terms 'coparticipation' and 'deductible.' These concepts refer to the amount you will be responsible for paying if it becomes necessary to activate the rental protection due to damage to the rented vehicle.

    Limits of Coparticipation or Deductible

    It is essential to be aware that the limits of coparticipation or deductible may vary depending on the rental company, the type of protection you choose, and the category of the vehicle. In short, these are specific amounts that should be confirmed directly with the rental company at the time of vehicle pickup.

    Read the rental agreement

    Be sure to check and confirm all this information, as well as read the rental agreement provided by the rental company when picking up the vehicle. This step is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and additional charges in the future.

  • Are there items not covered by the protections?

    Yes! There are damages that are not covered by the protections. It's important to remember that each rental company has its policy, and the items may be more specific.

    Normally, the protections do not cover items such as:

    • Tires, glass, windshield, loss and replacement of keys;

    • Scratches or dents;

    • Loss of use and overtime fees, damages to internal parts, roof, and undercarriage;

    • Natural disasters and damages resulting from vandalism;

    • Towing and/or roadside assistance.

    In the case of hiring RentalCover, the plan may or may not cover certain items, depending on the country of pickup. For more information, please refer to our article on RentalCover.


    • Upon vehicle pickup, confirm all details about the coverage offered by the contracted protections, as well as items that are not covered;

    • Remember: traffic violations and speeding are not covered by any protection.

  • What is RentalCover?

    RentalCover is a partner of Rentcars that offers additional protections to make car rentals even safer. These protections cover a wide range of situations, from lost keys to headlight repairs and tire damage.

    How does it work?

    RentalCover protection is optional and can be added up to 4 hours before vehicle pickup. If any unexpected event or accident occurs, the person responsible for the repair costs with the rental company will be the reservation holder, meaning the renter. 

    But don't worry! You can request reimbursement for the expenses through the RentalCover portal. It is essential to provide all receipts related to the accident when claiming reimbursement from RentalCover.

    Remember: RentalCover inclusion is available only for bookings made with online payment. In case of protection cancellation, reservation cancellation, or if you fail to appear within the specified timeframes, retention fees may apply.

    Should I call RentalCover in case of accidents?

    It is not necessary. The best approach is to contact the phone number provided by the rental company or any travel assistance provider of your preference. To receive reimbursement, simply keep all receipts and submit the claim at https://www.rentalcover.com/en/claim.


    Don't forget to read the complete policy of the protection when making the contract. In it, you will find all the details about the items covered by the selected plan, providing more security and transparency in the conditions agreed upon by both parties.

Payment Options
  • What are the payment methods?

    When you rent a car through Rentcars, we have various payment options available: online payment, partial payment, and payment upon arrival.

    Online Payment

    With this option, when available, you can pay the total amount online, in your preferred currency, directly on the Rentcars website. Online payment typically results in a more economical amount compared to partial or on-arrival payments, making it the most advantageous choice.

    Credit Card / Digital Wallet (PayPal) Payment

    The card used must follow these conditions:

    • Own ownership;

    • Enabled for use abroad (for rentals outside your country of residence);

    • Within the expiration date;

    • Issued by a banking institution;

    • With an available limit for security deposit.


    Online payment does not change the rental rule requiring  the presentation of the physical credit card at the time of pickup.

    Payment on Arrival

    In this option, when available, you pay the total rental amount directly at the rental counter, in the local currency. It is important to note that most rental companies do not accept cash or debit cards, only credit cards. In Mexico, there are rental agencies that accept debit cards for payment and deposit, so if that's the case, please check the possibility with the rental agency.

    Partial Payment

    With this method, when available, you make an online payment covering part of the total daily rate. The remaining amount will be paid when picking up the vehicle, in the local currency, according to the rental company's conditions. In case of extra fees or if you want to add any optional services, it may be necessary to make the payment at the time of pickup.

  • How can I get a receipt or invoice?

    Rentcars does not issue any kind of invoice or receipt related to vehicle rental. But don't worry! The proof of payment is the rental agreement, which can be requested directly from the rental agency.

Rates and Charges
  • What is and how does the security deposit work?

    When signing a car rental agreement, most rental companies will request a security deposit, sometimes referred to as a credit hold, which will serve as a warranty for the car rental company. The requested deposit amount will vary depending on the vehicle´s category and rental period as well as on the rental company itself.

    When using a credit card, the amount will not be charged directly, only put on hold. Once you return the vehicle, the rental company will request the hold to be removed. The wait-time for the hold removal to take effect, however, will depend solely on your card´s network.

    As for cash and debit security deposits, the amount will in fact be charged by the rental company but returned after the vehicle itself is returned.

  • Does Rentcars charge a booking rate?

    No, Rentcars does not charge a booking rate for your reservation. The administrative fees specified in the daily rates are imposed by the rental companies and are comprised of municipal, state, federal and airport fees.

  • What is included in the rental rate?

    When you choose to rent a vehicle through Rentcars, the daily rates typically cover the following items:

    1. Unlimited Mileage: There are no restrictions on the distance you can travel;
    2. Mandatory Basic Protections: essential protections are automatically included, and it is not mandatory to purchase additional coverage;
    3. Rental Agency Administrative Fees: these fees are an integral part of your reservation and their amounts vary depending on the rental agency.

    Important Tips

    • Before signing, it is essential to review all the information in the rental agreement carefully to ensure that all terms align with your needs;
    • Some rental agencies may impose restrictions on mileage, setting a daily limit on the distance you can travel. Additionally, there are optional protection options that are not mandatory;
    • Optional items such as child seats, baby carriers, GPS, etc., may be offered at the rental counter. However, all mandatory fees are already included in the Rentcars contract. Therefore, the decision to purchase them or not is up to you.

  • How to proceed in case of extra charges?

    When you arrive at the vehicle rental counter to pick up your car, it is common for additional services to be offered. However, it is essential to know that these services are not mandatory to rent the vehicle and their purchase is optional.

    If you come across additional charges that were not previously agreed upon and were not informed to you, please contact the rental company as soon as possible to clarify the charges and resolve any issues that may have occurred.

    Fines and tolls

    The rental company may later charge your credit card for tolls and traffic violations that occurred during the rental period.

    Therefore, make sure to read the rental agreement to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the rental, which can help avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

  • What is NOT included in the rental rate?

    When making a reservation through Rentcars, some services are not automatically included. These services are optional and may include:

    1. Additional services such as baby seats, young driver fees, booster seats for children, among others;

    2. Toll fees;

    3. Extra insurances;

    4. Cleaning fee.

    Some rental companies may require payment of the cleaning fee regardless of the vehicle's condition upon return. Please read the contract carefully and review all information to avoid unwanted charges.

    It's important to note that the fees paid during the reservation through Rentcars are comprehensive. This means that if you make the payment online, you won't need to hire any additional services at the rental counter.

    However, depending on the rental company's policy, you may still be able to hire some optional services directly at the counter, provided the item is available and you are aware of the corresponding fee. This applies to baby seats and booster seats, for example.

    Therefore, when booking a vehicle, pay attention to this information to ensure a smooth rental experience without unpleasant financial surprises.

Modifying and Cancelling a Booking
  • Can I modify or cancel my reservation through Rentcars?

    Yes, and it’s quite simple. You can modify or cancel your reservation through your account using your registered login and password. We recommend, however, that you thoroughly read the conditions for changing or cancelling a booking beforehand. These can be found in the confirmation voucher sent to your e-mail or by accessing the My Bookings section in your account page.

    It is important to note that all requested modifications will be subject to availability and possible price changes. Always assess the pros and cons of changing your booking, especially during high season.

  • What should I do if I need to modify or cancel my reservation?

    You can modify or cancel your reservation through your account using your registered login and password. We recommend, however, that you thoroughly read the conditions for changing or cancelling a booking beforehand. These can be found in the confirmation voucher sent to your e-mail or by accessing the My Bookings section in your account page. 

    You can also request a booking modification or cancellation through Rentcars´s Booking Center.

    Bookings set for payment at destination do not hold a cancellation fee. International bookings that have been paid for online, however, possess a cancellation fee equivalent to 5% of the total paid amount.

    Should it be necessary, we always recommend that you cancel your reservation in advance so as to avoid possible no-show fee charges by the rental company.

  • Modifying a reservation paid for via PayPal

    Making a change to your booking is quick, easy and can be done via your account page or by reaching out to our Booking Center. If the change in your booking calls for a reduction in the amount already paid, Rentcars will refund the difference via PayPal. On the other hand, if the change calls for an increase in price, Rentcars will send you a link redirecting you to Paypal´s payments page where you will be able to pay for the difference.

  • Cancelling a reservation paid for via PayPal

    Bookings paid for on-line, whether entirely or partially, must be canceled through Rentcars, never through Paypal or the rental company.

    If you cancel your reservation through PayPal, PayPal will have to check whether or not a transaction from you to Rentcars was completed and if the service paid for was received but, since the booking will still be active, PayPal will understand that the service was in fact received and they will not refund the amount.

    When you cancel your booking directly through Rentcars, we inform PayPal of the cancelation and the amount paid is returned to your account without any hassles.

    Find out how to cancel your reservation.

    If you cancel your reservation before the pick-up date, you will be charged for 5% of the total amount paid so as to cover the incurred administrative expenses. If you cancel your reservation after the set pick-up date, however, you will be charged a total equivalent to one day daily rate.

    Some rental companies may charge a cancellation fee, which is a percentage of the reservation amount, if cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to vehicle pickup. To avoid this charge, please request cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. Please be aware that this is a specific condition of the rental company that is unrelated to Rentcars's cancellation policy as described above. 

    Please note: the rental company cancellation fee will be added to Rentcars cancellation policy.

  • What happens if I don't show up on the day of the car rental reservation? No-show information

    Not showing up on the day of the reservation constitutes what we call a No-show and may result in withholding the value of one day from the total reservation amount or even withholding the total rental amount. 

    The rules vary according to each partner rental company's policy, so be sure to inquire about this before picking up your car.

    What constitutes a No-show?

    If the reservation holder does not show up within the specified rental time, the rental company may request the reservation's cancellation. Pay attention to the cases that fall under the no-show policy:

    • Absence of the reservation holder for vehicle pickup within the allowed time of 29 minutes or 1 hour (for reservations in Brazil) of tolerance, respecting the store's opening hours;

    • Non-utilization of the service for other reasons.

    How to avoid no-show fees?

    If your plans change, and you know in advance that you won't be able to show up on the day of pickup, go to My Reservations and make changes or request the reservation cancellation.


    Also, pay attention to the requirements for renting a car. If the holder arrives at the rental counter, and it is found that the necessary requirements to open the contract are not met, the reservation may be canceled. Be sure to check Rentcars' Terms and Conditions.

Booking Confirmation
  • How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?

    There are 3 very simple ways to confirm if your booking is confirmed. Choose the most convenient for you.

    1 - Accessing your account 

    After completing the booking, you can easily track the status of your request by accessing your account. Access it in the top menu of the website, or simply click here.

    2 - Through a confirmation email 

    Furthermore, a detailed confirmation email is always sent to the address you used during the rental process.

    3 - Checking on the Rentcars app 

    A convenient way to monitor your bookings is through our mobile app! To learn more and use the Rentcars app, available at Apple Store and Google Play Store.


    •  If you don't find the confirmation email in your inbox, also check the SPAM and/or the waste bin; 

    • The voucher containing all necessary information will also be available in your account, in the "My Reservations" section.

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    The rental agency requested more information to confirm my reservation. Why?

  • Why did the rental agency request additional information to confirm my reservation?

    It is common for rental agencies to request additional information from the renter (i.e., the reservation holder) as part of the standard process. This practice aims to anticipate the analysis of the customer's profile, providing a more careful and comfortable service during the reservation process.

    If requested, it is essential to provide the requested information within the timeframe specified by the rental agency. Typically, this information includes identification documents or date of birth.

    This mutual collaboration contributes to a smooth and efficient rental experience.

  • I made a reservation but still haven’t received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

    The booking confirmation e-mail is sent to the address you registered during the booking process. Please check your inbox as well as your SPAM folder to be sure of whether or not it was received. In any case, you can always access your account and check your reservation´s status in My Bookings. Should you have any doubts or questions you´d like cleared up, you may always reach out to us for further information.


Optional Services and Extras
  • Can I rent a specific vehicle model?

    We understand that when looking to rent a car, you may have a preference for a specific vehicle. However, car rental companies cannot guarantee the availability of a car based on the exact make, model, or color.

    Currently, rental companies operate with vehicle groups that encompass various models but share similar configurations.

    For example, if you are looking to rent an economy car, it is possible that at the time of pickup, you may receive a different model. Nevertheless, the provided vehicle will meet the specifications outlined in your reservation, ensuring a satisfactory rental experience.

  • Who can drive the rented vehicle? What is an Additional Driver?

    Only the renter, meaning the main driver listed on the reservation, is authorized to drive the rented vehicle.

    However, we understand that sometimes it's necessary for more than one person to drive the car. For this reason, rental companies offer the option of an additional driver. With this service, another person can share the driving of the vehicle with the renter, upon payment of a fee set by the rental company.

    What you should know about the Additional Driver

    When choosing this service, it's important to be aware of the following information:

    1 - If you opt for this service, remember that the additional driver must be present at the time of vehicle pickup, meeting the requirements set for the renter, except for the credit card;

    2 - Moreover, it's possible to add more than one Additional Driver. There will be a charge for each driver added to the contract.

  • Can I rent a baby car seat or child booster seat?

    Rental companies offer the convenience and safety of renting baby car seats and/or child booster seats at some of our destinations during your rental period. Additional fees apply for this service.

    How to Request

    1 - Start your booking on the Rentcars website or app and select the desired car category;

    2 - On the booking setup page, you will find the section "Add extras to your booking";

    3 - There you can add baby car seats, booster seats, and other extras, such as reservation protection.

    If you didn't find the option to add these items to your rental at the time of booking, don't worry. You can check the availability and rates directly at the rental counter when picking up your vehicle.


    Baby car seats and booster seats are limited stock items. Therefore, availability at the time of pickup may vary, and the rental company may or may not fulfill your request depending on availability.

  • Can I pre-book a GPS device?

    For some destinations, the option to include a GPS device during the rental period is available, subject to additional fees.

    If, when booking on our website, you don't find these items available, you can check the availability and rates directly at the rental counter when picking up the vehicle.


    • GPS devices are limited, so your request may or may not be fulfilled, depending on availability at the time of pickup;

    • There are rental agencies that no longer offer the GPS device as an additional service.

  • What is the rental agreement? What is its purpose?

    The rental agreement is a document signed between the renter (that is, the reservation holder) and the car rental company when renting a car. It establishes the terms and conditions of your reservation, as well as any optional services and/or coverages you may choose.

    It is a very important document and should be read carefully, as all information about the reservation will be detailed in it, such as:

    Fees and costs

    • Additional charges (for example, for additional drivers, young drivers, one-way rentals, etc.).

    Conditions of use

    • Fuel policy (for example, whether the car should be returned with a full tank);

    • Geographical restrictions (areas where the car can be used).

    Return conditions

    • Vehicle return procedures;

    • Vehicle inspection upon return.

    General terms

    • Cancellation policy;

    • Maintenance and repair policy;

    • Renter's responsibilities in case of traffic fines.

    Among other information.


    Review all information carefully before signing the agreement, as once signed, no part of the rental can be canceled; 

    The rental agreement will be provided to the reservation holder by the rental company at the time of car pickup.

  • What are Shuttle/Transfer and Meet & Greet services?

    Shuttle/Transfer and Meet & Greet services are provided by rental car companies with service points at airports. They're designed to make your journey from the airport to the rental car pickup spot more convenient, where the process of opening the rental agreement will take place.

    What is the difference between Shuttle and Meet & Greet?

    • Shuttle (or Transfer): This service includes transportation from the airport to the vehicle pickup location, typically carried out by vans branded with the rental company's logo;

    • Meet & Greet: In this scenario, a representative from the rental company will be waiting for your arrival at the airport, holding a sign with your name, ensuring a personalized and convenient reception.

    How can I verify if my reservation includes one of these services?

    To confirm if your reservation includes one of these services, simply check the search screen before selecting the vehicle. If included, it will be detailed alongside other reservation characteristics.

    Where can I find information about these services after the reservation confirmation?

    You can also find detailed information about Shuttle (or Transfer) and Meet & Greet services in your reservation voucher, under the "Pickup Instructions" section.

    Important Tip:

    We recommend providing your flight number and a valid phone number to the rental company whenever possible. This allows for contact in unforeseen situations or delays, ensuring a smooth and efficient pickup process.

  • What´s a Sunpass and should I get one for my rental car?

    Sunpass is an automatic payment system, stuck on the inside of your vehicle´s windshield, and that´s valid within Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

    Because it´s automatic, Sunpass helps save time when passing tolls through exclusive Sunpass lanes on toll roads. In other words, if you've booked a Sunpass for your car rental, you'll be able to zip right by toll plazas without even slowing down. 

    Instead of stopping to pay at every toll plaza, Sunpass sensors will automatically charge the toll fare to the car rental company which will, in turn, deduct the amount from the returnable security deposit required when picking-up the vehicle.

    Check to see if your elected car rental company offers this optional extra. If so, it might be a good idea, when signing your rental agreement, to request that it be added to your rental and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

  • What are Snow Tires? How do they work?

    Snow tires, also known as winter tires, not only provide advantages during snow driving but also in general winter conditions such as rain, wet roads, ice, very dry terrains, and temperatures below 7ºC. This temperature range can harden the rubber of conventional tires, resulting in inadequate grip on the road.

    The availability of snow tires can vary among rental companies due to different weather conditions in each country. In some locations, the cost of snow tires may be included in the rental fees, while in other places, they may be offered as an additional option.

    In certain situations, snow chains may also be provided, used in conjunction with conventional tires to improve traction in intense snow conditions.

    Planning to travel to a snowy region?

    In certain regions, the use of snow tires is mandatory, especially in areas with severe winters. In these circumstances, some rental companies offer vehicles equipped with snow tires and require their use. If this happens to you, understand that it's a safety measure.

Things You Need to Know When Renting a Car
  • What to do if my flight is delayed or rescheduled?

    In case of changes to your flight itinerary, such as delays, flight replacement, or overbooking, it's important that you contact the rental car pickup location immediately. The contact phone number can be found in your booking confirmation voucher.

    It's important to note that you have the following options:

    • If you're unable to reach the rental agency, you can make changes to your reservation through the Rentcars website or app. Detailed information on how to make these changes can be found in our related article. Be sure to check these guidelines;

    • If needed, visit our Help Center for more inquiries.

  • Can I drive or return the vehicle in another country, state, or city?

    It's best to confirm with the rental agency if it's allowed to drive your rented car in other cities or states.

    If you plan to return the vehicle in a different country, city or state from where you picked it up, the rental agency must have a branch at the destination location and authorize this practice.

    Either way, on the Rentcars website, when selecting the option to return to a different destination during your search, all displayed results will be from agencies that accommodate this need.

    Important: Watch out for the one-way fee!

    Returning the rented car to a location different from the pickup point may result in a one-way fee. The amount of this fee will be determined based on the distance between the cities and the administrative fees of the rental agency.

  • What to do if the vehicle has any issues?

    In case of any problems during your rental, please do not hesitate to contact the rental agency. You can find the contact number for the store in your booking confirmation voucher. Additionally, rental agencies provide 24-hour assistance documents, which include services such as towing, mechanical assistance, and other essential services for urgent situations where the vehicle is not in suitable conditions for use.

  • How does fuel policy work?

    As a rule of thumb, the vehicle is delivered with a full tank of gas and will also have to be returned with a full tank of gas. If the vehicle is not returned in accordance with the terms stipulated in the rental agreement, the cost associated with refueling the vehicle will be charged to you in compliance with the rental company´s pre-set price table.

    If the vehicle is delivered to you by way of Delivery Service, it may arrive with less than a full tank of gas due to the distance between the rental location and the airport. In such cases, refueling of the vehicle will have to comply with the rental company´s established policy.

    If you select a service package that includes a Full Tank, however, you won´t have to refuel before returning the vehicle. It is important to state, though, that in such cases, the remaining unused gas will not be refunded.

  • Should I inspect the car at the rental agency?

    Yes, it's crucial to carefully inspect the vehicle before picking it up and also during the return. We recommend thoroughly checking the body, the car's interior, the technical aspects, and all accessories with the assistance of the rental agency representative.

    What should I do during the inspection?

    During the inspection, it's advisable to take detailed photos of the car. Additionally, ensure you obtain the vehicle inspection document from the rental agency. This document plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth experience with the rented car and helps prevent any unwarranted charges in the future.

  • How do one-way rentals work?

    If you´d like to book a one way car rental, that is, drop-off your vehicle in another city or state, you must first check with the rental company to see if there are any restrictions in doing so. It's possible to drop-off your vehicle in a location other than the one from where you picked it up so long as the rental company authorizes it beforehand.

    Note, though, that dropping off your vehicle in a different location will most likely incur a one-way fee. This fee is calculated proportionately to the distance between pick-up and drop-off locations and will also account for the rental company’s administrative expenses. Make sure you´re aware of the cost before signing your rental agreement.

  • What happens if I’m late returning the vehicle?

    In situations where the return of the rented car is subject to delays, it is crucial to understand the policies and procedures adopted by the rental agencies.

    How are late returns charged?

    In cases of delayed return, rental agencies apply various policies for additional charges. These fees can vary, ranging from a proportional amount for the extra hours to the equivalent of a full day.

    What to do in case of the need for an extension?

    If you need more time with the vehicle, it is essential to notify the rental agency immediately. Lack of communication can result in a request for vehicle search and seizure, as well as additional costs.

    Pay attention to the rental agreement

    • Charges due to delays will be calculated according to the rates established by the rental agency, not Rentcars'; 

    • Therefore, always carefully check the rental agreement provided by the agency at the time of vehicle pickup.

  • What happens if I return the vehicle earlier than planned?

    This varies depending on the location of your reservation.

    If the vehicle is returned before the date specified in the contract, the daily rates will not be recalculated, and rental companies will not issue refunds.

    Reservations in Brazil

    If you decide to return the vehicle before the scheduled date in a Brazil reservation contract, the rental cost may be recalculated to reflect only the period used, depending on the rental company's policy.

  • What to know when renting a car in Mexico

    One of the most important things to know is that Mexican insurance is an absolute requirement to drive in the country. When searching for car rental options in Mexico, you may notice that the prices seem unrealistically low. That’s because the price you’re seeing does not yet include the coverage you’ll need while in the country so, before settling on one offer or another, make sure that the price already includes insurance. For more information on car rental coverages, jump over to our insurance page.   

    It’s also important to make sure to print out your online booking voucher before picking-up your vehicle. That way you avoid being charged for anything you hadn’t originally requested. Now to avoid any hassle when dropping-off your rental car, it’s always a good idea to accompany the vehicle inspection closely (performed when picking-up the vehicle), making sure to check that the headlights and windshield wipers are functioning properly and that there’s a jack and a spare tire in the trunk. Snap a few pictures of the car’s conditions when picking it up to make sure that you’re not charged for any pre-existing damage when dropping it off.

    Now, you’ll often find that the car doesn’t come with a full tank of gas so one of your first stops will most likely be a gas station. In Mexico, gas stations are full service, so you won’t be pumping your own gas. Just let the clerk know how much and what type of gas you need and sit back. Don’t forget, however, that Mexico uses the metric system so you’ll be buying your gas in liters (one gallon is equal to 3.8 liters).

    The Green Angels (Ángeles Verdes) are also a great resource when in Mexico. If you run into mechanical issues, need first aid or would simply like information, the Green Angels, a bilingual tourist assistance crew, is just a call away. Just dial 078 from any phone in Mexico. If you can’t get to a phone, just pop your hood and wait for a Green Angel patrol car to stop by. The service is free, however, you will be required to pay for any parts, gas or oil they may use to get you on the road again. You should be aware though that the service is only offered on major highways and toll roads and, despite the 078 hotline being available 24/7 for phone assistance, the service itself is only available from 8am to 6pm, all year round.

  • How can I save money on my car rental?

    Simple, go for weekly rates.

    Car rental companies will usually reward longer term rentals with a discounted daily rate. These are what they call weekly rates which, depending on the car rental company, is defined as being at least a 4 or 5-day rental period.

    Instead of paying, hypothetically, $60/day for your rental, on a weekly rate, the rental company may charge you only $30/day. The interesting thing is that because of this pricing system, sometimes a 5-day rental can come out to be cheaper than a 3-day rental.

    That’s why we recommend always doing your homework and comparing a few different rental periods before settling on which best suits your needs. It may just save you some extra spending money for your trip.

  • What is "Carta Verde"?

    "Carta Verde" is a mandatory insurance for international trips with vehicles registered in Mercosur countries, excluding the country where the car is rented. Essential to protect third parties in case of traffic accidents during the rental period, this insurance must be acquired directly from the rental company.

    When obtaining the "Carta Verde," please note:

    Make sure to verify the issuance of the "Carta Verde," along with all associated fees and costs, with the rental company responsible for the vehicle at least 3 days before pickup. It's worth noting that the "Carta Verde" insurance does not replace the need for a specific authorization to cross borders. Failure to present the "Carta Verde" when requested by the country's authorities may result in fines.

Suggestions for You

  • Can I modify or cancel my reservation through Rentcars?

    Yes, and it’s quite simple. You can modify or cancel your reservation through your account using your registered login and password. We recommend, however, that you thoroughly read the conditions for changing or cancelling a booking beforehand. These can be found in the confirmation voucher sent to your e-mail or by accessing the My Bookings section in your account page.

    It is important to note that all requested modifications will be subject to availability and possible price changes. Always assess the pros and cons of changing your booking, especially during high season.

  • What to do if my flight is delayed or rescheduled?

    In case of changes to your flight itinerary, such as delays, flight replacement, or overbooking, it's important that you contact the rental car pickup location immediately. The contact phone number can be found in your booking confirmation voucher.

    It's important to note that you have the following options:

    • If you're unable to reach the rental agency, you can make changes to your reservation through the Rentcars website or app. Detailed information on how to make these changes can be found in our related article. Be sure to check these guidelines;

    • If needed, visit our Help Center for more inquiries.