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Vehicle Category: Luxury

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  • Europcar Rent a Car

    Audi A6

      Features Group LDAR:
    • 5 Passengers:
    • Yes Air Conditioning:
    • Manual Steering:
    • 4 Doors:
    • No Power Windows and Door Locks:
    • No Airbags:
    • No ABS Brakes:
    • A/T Transmission:
    • No Radio:
    • 0 - 2 Luggage:
  • Important Information
    Car rental companies do not guarantee a specific vehicle brand, model, color or configuration. You must choose a car within the available group at the time of the rental agreement’s signature and vehicle pick-up. The aforementioned vehicle features may vary among cars of the same group and among different rental locations. Images for illustrative purposes only.
    Vehicle’s luggage capacity may be reduced depending on the number of passengers.