Custom Code´s Best Price Guarantee

You´ll always get the best price when booking a hire car with us. Find a cheaper rate elsewhere within 24 hours of booking and we´ll refund the difference.

Conditions for qualifying

All claims are assessed based on the following conditions:

  • Best Price Guarantee claims must be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours of your booking confirmation.
  • The Best Price Guarantee is available only for exact matches: same car group, hire car company, hire period, insurance coverage level and payment conditions. The lower rate must also be available for online booking.
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public and charged in the same currency.
  • The lower rate must not benefit from adhesion fees, frequent use, loyalty points, discount coupon, collective purchase, or “reward” programs.

All claims are subject to the rules and conditions listed in the Terms and Conditions pertinent to our Best Price Guarantee.

We do not guarantee the best price if:

  • The lower rate is no longer available when we analyse your claim (within 3 business days of submission).
  • Your reservation is CANCELLED.
  • You made a last-minute reservation (i.e. less than 3 days prior to the pick-up date).
  • The lower rate was found on a website that omits the name of the car hire company until payment is processed.

How to submit your claim

Found a lower price within 24 hours of booking with Check if it qualifies and fill out the claim form below. See our Terms and Conditions before applying.