Car hire in Guarulhos, SP, Brazil

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When to hire a car in Guarulhos


Average daily rate in the last 30 days

£ 24,23

Most popular car hire models in Guarulhos

  • Fiat Argo (Economy)
  • VW Voyage (Midsize)
  • Fiat Toro 4x2 (Special)

Best rated car hire companies

  • Unidas
  • Movida

Car hire companies in Guarulhos, SP, Brazil

    Car Hire Requirements

    • Minimum Age

      In Brazil, the minimum age required to hire a vehicle is 21.

    • Driving Licence

      Each driver must present a full, valid and original national driving licence held for a minimum of 2 years. If your licence is not in a language used in your destination country, an International Driving Permit to accompany your national driving licence is highly recommended.

    • Photo ID and Passport

      Each driver must present a valid and original photo ID or passport.

    • Credit Card

      You must present a valid and personal credit card issued by a banking institution and with enough funds to be held as a security deposit. Third-party credit cards or cards not associated with banking institutions will not be accepted. The car hire company is solely responsible for approving the provided credit card. Online prepayment does not exempt the renter from providing a valid international credit card during vehicle pick-up. The hire company will place a hold on the amount of the security deposit and, when applicable, any additional local fees not covered in the prepaid voucher on the card provided at the hire location.

    • Booking Voucher

      The renter must present a printout of the Booking Confirmation Voucher at the hire location. This document officially confirms all agreed upon services, payment conditions, rates, discounts, as well as vehicle availability within the selected group.

    • Important Information

      Car hire companies reserve the right to refuse service to underage or unlicensed drivers, those with poor credit history or individuals otherwise considered liabilities by the hire company.

    What to know before hiring a car in Guarulhos

    • How much is it to hire a car in Guarulhos?

      The lowest daily rate in Guarulhos in the last 30 days was £ 11,22 with Movida.

    • Which car hire company is the best rated in Guarulhos?

      The car hire company best rated by our customers in Guarulhos is Unidas.

    • Which car hire model is the most rented in Guarulhos?

      The most popular car hire model in Guarulhos is the Fiat Argo.

    • What is the average car hire daily rate in Guarulhos?

      In the last 30 days, the average daily rate was £ 24,23.

    • How many car hire locations are there in Guarulhos?

      in Guarulhos there are 3 locations from 3 car hire companies.

    • Which car hire categories are available in Guarulhos?

      Economy, Midsize, Special, Compact, Cargo van, SUV.


    Proteções do veículo Vehicle protections

    Hire car protections usually have the abbreviations CDW and LDW and protect the vehicle from robbery and damage in the event of collisions or accidents.

    Proteções à terceiros Third party protection

    The protections against third parties have several abbreviations, such as ALI, SLI and others. In general, they protect the vehicle from third parties involved in collisions with your rental car.

    Caução Security deposit

    To pick up the car you must leave a security deposit, also called a pre-authorization. The amount is "blocked" on the renter's credit card and "unlocked" after the return of the car on the same conditions.

    Opcionais Optional items

    It is possible to add optional items to your reservation, such as GPS, child car seat or booster seat. Take advantage of those items so you don’t have to worry about it later!

    Condutor adicional Additional driver

    If someone else is sharing the wheel with you, they need to be added to the car hire agreement as an additional driver and meet the same documentation and minimum age requirements as the main driver or hirer.

    Quilometragem Mileage

    Check if your reservation has free mileage or not. Free mileage means you can ride as much as you like with the hire car and you will not pay extra depending on the ride.

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